High-speed Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Unit

Application scopes

Powdery material (such as: coffee, yeast, milk cream, food additives, metal powder, chemical product)
Granular material(such as:rice, pet food, grains)

Equipment features

500N/500N2 internal extraction vacuum packaging machine can realize functions of fully automatic feeding, weighing, bag-making, shaping, vacuuming, sealing,cutting and conveying of finished products. The bulk material is packed into high value-added hexahedral small package. This unit is widely applied in vacuum packaging of cereals, rice, coffee powder, etc., and suitable for massive production requirements.

Equipment parameters

Dimension L×W×H(mm) 6000×2800×3200 8800×3800×4080
Type of bag Brick type bag Brick type bag
Bag length L×W (mm) (60~120)×(40~60) (60~120)×(40~60)
Measuring range(g) 100~1000 100~1000
Capacity (bag/min) 16~24 25~40