Low-speed Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine Unit

Application scopes

Powdery material(such as:coffee, yeast, milk cream, food additive, metal powder, chemical product)
Granular material(such as:rice, grains, food, pet food, livestock feed)

Equipment features

1000A vacuum packaging unit can realize functions of automatic feeding, weighing, bag-making, filling, shaping, vacuuming, sealing, cutting, conveying of finished products, it has stable speed and good performance. The bulk material is packed into high value-added hexahedral small package. This unit is widely applied in vacuum packaging of cereals, rice, coffee powder, pesticide, etc., suitable for massive production requirements and storage or transport.

Equipment Parameters

Model MCZK1000A6 MCZK2000A6
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 4000×2800×4200 4100×3200×4300
Type of bag Brick type bag Brick type bag
Bag length L×W (mm) (50~100)×(40~60) (50~160)×(50~120)
Measuring range(g) 100~1000 500~2000
Capacity(bag/min) 6~12 6~12