Sachet Into Carton Production Line

Application scopes

This machine is suitable for condom,sachet, pouch, soft al/al strips, wound plaster, ointment plaster, facial mask, coffee bag cartoning.

Equipment features

1.It adopts automatic feeding,opening,entering,number marking,sealing,rejecting etc.the structure is compact and reasonable,easy to operate and adjust.
2.Adopt servo motor,touch screen,PLC and human-machine interface,high degree of automation,and more humanized.
3.With high sensitivity photoelectric switch for automatic detecting and tracking system,automatically rejecting when there is a empty carton,which helps to save packaging material.
4.Wide packaging range,easy to adjust,fast and easy to switch different size.
5. No need to change the mould for changing the specification,just adjust it.
6.According to customer's request adopting upturned protective cover, easy to operate,neat and beatifull appearance.
7.It can work with vertical packaging machine,pre-pouch packaging machine,horizontal packaging machine,3D packaging machine,labeling machine,inkjet printer,on-line weigher,and other machines.
8.Various automatic feeders and boxing systems can be designed according to different requirements of packaging materials.
9.Hot melt applicator is optional,hot-melt adhesives sealing and mechanical brush coating sealing.

Equipment parameters

1.Capacity( carton/min):30~120
2.Carton sizeL×W×H(mm):(70~200)×(30~80)×(15~60)
3.Cartoning quality requirement(g/m³):250~300
4.Leaflet sizeL×W×H(mm) :(100~260)×(100~190)
5.Leaflet quality requirement(g/m³):55~70
6.Power supply:3P,380V 50Hz 1.5kw
7. Noise of the machine(dB):≤80
9.Compressed air(Mpa):0.5~0.8
10.Air consumption(L/min):120~160
11.Dimension L×W×H(mm):3100(+1500)×1400×1650
12.Machine weight(kg):1200