Granule Heavy Bag Packaging Machine(High Speed)

Equipment features

This machine is designed for granules/flaky products packaging in agricultural, foodstuff, chemical and other industries. Weighing, bag loading, bag feeding, filling, conveying, sealing, all functions are automatically controlled. It’s also compatible to other equipments to achieve massive productions purpose.

Equipment parameters

Packaging material 1.Woven bag 2.Kraft bag 3.Laminated film plastic bag
Bag size W×L(mm) (35~450)×(630~830) (450~550)×(800~1000) (550~650)×(900~1100)
Packaging weight(kg) 10~20 25~30 40~50
Accuracy ±2‰~5‰ ±2‰~5‰ ±2‰~5‰
Capacity(bag/min) 8~12 bag/min 8~12bag/min 6~8bag/min
Sealing mode 1.Woven bag:edge fold/sewing 2.Kraft bag:hot sealing /thread sewing 3.Laminated film plastic bag: hot sealing
Bag type Horizontal bag sealing,M-type bag