MC420 Automatic Combination Weigher Packaging Machine

Equipment features

1. The machine can automatically complete multi-lane products measuring, feeding, filling and stick forming(date code printed), stick sealing and cutting.
2. Only one framework,one control system and one power supply.
3. Space saving,easy to install ,debug and clean.
4. Suitable for small and medium packaging ,high speed and high accuracy.
5. Combined vertical packaging machine and combination weigher together.

Application scopes

1.Dry granular food, medicine or similar product, such as: traditional Chinese medicine tablet,snack, puffed food, seed, dried fruit,coffee , tea, candy, baked food, rice, nut, spaghetti, pet food and so on.
2.Other non-food products,such as: nut, screw, gaskets and any other metal products.

Equipment parameters

Model MC420A
Stick length(mm) 80~180
Stick width(mm) 80~200
Film width(mm) Max.420
Capacity(bag/min) 10~50
Weighing accuracy(g) 0.5~1.5
Power supply 220v 50Hz 4.5kw
Weighing range(g) 10~800(All hoppers combined together)
Hopper volume(ml) 1600(One hopper)