Salt Vertical Packaging Machine

Application scope

Pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical industry, agrochemical, hardware and architecture material industry etc., we can also provide customized machines according to customer requirements.

Equipment features

This unit consists of a metering cup metering machine and a 5000DS vertical packaging machine. It is suitable for metering and packaging of fine particle material especially salt. It integrates the functions of automatic metering, bag-making, filling, sealing, printing, the operating interface adopts advanced touch screen.

Equipment parameters

Model MC5000D MC5000DS
Bag length L×W (mm) (50~280)×(70~180) (50~280)×(70~180)
Measuring range(g) 100~500
(Customized according to requirements)
Measuring accuracy 1% 1%
Capacity( bag/min) 30~70 100~120
Note Single-lane Double-lane