High- speed Anti-breakage Bag-forming, Filling and packaging Machine

Application scopes

Pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical industry, agrochemical, hardware, architecture material industry and customized according to requirements.

Equipment features

This machine integrates the functions of bag forming, filling, sealing, printing, punching and counting, adopts double servo motor for film pulling and has automatic offset correction function. The cutter has flat knife, serrated knife and dot dash knife three types. All control components are well-known brand with reliable performance. Servo motor can also be used in transverse sealing mechanism for better performance. Anti-broken technology is widely applied in quick-frozen industry and it’s very easy for adjustment, operation and maintenance. This packaging machine achieves high-speed by continuous film pulling without interruption.

Equipment parameters

Model MC5000G
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 1760×1496×1765
Type of bag Pillow bag, gusset bag, punching bag
Bag length L×W (mm) (50~500)×(65~260)
Capacity (bag/min) 50~120
Reel inner diameter(mm) Φ75
Max reel outer diameter(mm) Φ400
Compressed air requirement 0.6Mpa,500L/min