Powder Vertical Packaging Machine

Application scopes

Pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical industry, agrochemical, hardware, architecture material industry and customize according to requirements.

Equipment features

It is composed of one MC-LL auger weighing machine and one 5000D/5000B/7300B/1100 vertical filling packaging machine, which is especially suitable for metering and packaging ultra-fine powdery material with heavy flying dust. It integrates the functions of metering, bag forming, filling, sealing, printing and counting. This machine equipped with advanced level switch, dust extraction device and anti-static device (optional) which effectively solves the problems appeared during the powdery material packaging process.

Equipment parameters

Model MC5000D MC5000B MC7300B MC1100
Bag length L×W (mm) (50~280)×(70~180) (50~340)×(80~250) (50~460)×(80~350) (300~650)×(300~535)
Type of bag Pillow bag, gusset bag, punching bag
Measuring range(g) 10~1000 100~2000 100~5000 1000~10000
Measuring accuracy(g) ≤100,≤±2%,100~500,≤±1%,
≥500,≤±0.5%(Depends on materials)
Capacity (bag/min) 10~50 10~50 10~50 6~30