Weighing Liquid Filling Machine

Equipment features

1.This machine adopts PLC, high speed software to implement real time control,easy to use and adjust.
2.Each filling head has a weighing and feedback system which can set the filling amount of each head and achieves fine tune.
3.Photoelectric sensor, proximity switch and so on are advanced sensor components, including realizing no pail no filling, the filling system will pause automatically and send an alarming signal when there is pail jam.
4.The diving filling can effectively reduce the foam and fulfill different meterials which has different characteristics.
5.GMP standard, stainless steel structure, environmental protection, safety and good looking, it's suitable for different working environment and all pipe connections are covnenient to dismantle and clean.

Equipment parameters

Head option 8 6 4 2
Applicable bottle Type(mm) L:160~360, W:100~300, H:250~500 Φ:≥40
Capacity(bottle/h) 30kg:600 30kg:520 30kg:450 30kg:240
Filling deviation range(g) ≤±0.3 ≤±0.3 ≤±0.3 ≤±0.3
Dimension L×W×H(mm) 4500×1700×2300 3500×1700×2300 2500×1700×2300 1500×1700×2300
Power supply AC220v;50Hz 2.5kw AC220v;50Hz 2kw AC220v;50Hz 2kw AC220v;50Hz 2kw