Bag Forming Secondary Packaging Machine

Equipment introductions

The secondary packaging machine is mainly to complete the packaged pouch products (150-1000 g) required (arranged in the form of: cutting two-position, single row horizontally arranged) neatly into the laminated film bag, heat sealing and the automatic packaging process. It achieves a small package from the bulk material to a laminated film bag with full automatic operation, including saving manpower, material and financial inputs, it also reduces production costs and improves production efficiency, the unit is widely used in washing powder, salt, seeds, milk powder and other powder, granular packaging ,it is the first choice for major companies. Production process: Pouch product --- Horizontal conveyor --- Double-decked climbing conveyor --- High speed conveyor ---Counting machine --- Vertical bag forming packing machine---Film pulling and sealing---Output

Equipment features

1.It can automatically complete film pulling,bag forming,counting,filling,sealing and output,which achieves the whole process of none manual participation.
2.Adopt touch screen control system,easy to operate,switch and maintain,safe and reliable.
3.A variety of permutations can be implemented to meet customer needs.

Equipment parameters

Packaging range(g):150~1000
Packaging material:laminated film bag
Capacity:large bag:2~4 bags/min;pouch:40~80 pouches/min
Arranging mode:double container filling,horizontal single/multiple columns
Compressed air:0.4~0.6Mpa
Power supply:4.5kw ,380V±10% ,50Hz